A glass

of traditions

crenetig stemma

some processing stages

For three generations, we make the same gestures to always provide a quality product
fasi della vendemmia

the grape harvest

A moment of sociality The vineyards are filled with friends and friends

work in the winery

A very delicate process that requires all the skill of the winemaker

the rest

Finally the rest, now you just have to wait


Our history

It was grandfather Luigi who in 1924,after leving Cernetig, a little village in the Natisone Valley, bought a small plot of land in Ipplis.In those years he planted the first vines of ribolla gialla and tocai up on the Orlando hill. Nowadays in those vineyards, renewed Bay his son Giuseppe, you find the best-known varietis of red and white grapes, among whitch the famous Picolit is outstanding. In the grassed-over vineyards the parasites are fought using products that are respectful of the environmental protection, thus leaving the vines in conditions that are the optimum to produce quality grapes, whitch are made into wine with traditional methods after being hand-harvested.

winery Cernetig

After the harvest, the wines rest and mature waiting for the tasting
bottiglia pinot

Pinot Bianco

It is a delicate wine with high alcoholich conteint and good level of acidity. Its bouquet remember white flowers, apple, apricot, mugweed and aged ripe fruit too. This is an aperitif wine, suitable for a wide range of lean startes, soup or fish dishes.
tasting temperature: 12c°

bottiglia friulano


It is a pale yellow wine, with a greenish reflection. A floral and fruit aroma with a typical hint reminiscent of bitter almonds. It is dry with a moderate level of acidity. Excellent as an aperitif or as an fresh cheese, prosciutto and white meats.
tasting temperature: 10-12c°

 bottiglia sauvignon


It is a wine a straw-yellow colour of medium intensity, its taste is aromatic and resembles yellow flowers, mint, pepper. It has a good acidity. It is an aperitif wine that goes well with spicy first courses, soup, medium mature cheese and prosciutto.
tasting temperature:10c°

bottiglia verduzzo

Verduzzo Friulano

It is a sweet wine with a golden-yellow colour, slightly tannic and with intense fruit fragrance. It is a typical dessert wine, but goes well with midium-old or old cheese too.

tasting temperature: 12c°

bottiglia elbiel

El Biel

Sparkling wine obtained with Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay grapes. It is a wine with an pale staw-yellow colour, slightly fruit. Excellent aperitif but goes well also with cakes. Many people combined this wine at fish dishes. tasting temperature:18-20c°

bottiglia cabernet

Cabernet Franc

It is a ruby coloured wine tending towards violet. It is low in alcohol and distinctly herbaceus aroma. It goes well with old cheese, red meat and roasts.

tasting temperature:18-20c°

bottiglia merlot


It is a ruby coloured wine, slightly herbaceus aroma, reminiscent of raspberry, blackberr, blueberry. It is dry, structured and when aged, its bouquet is enhanced with hints of spices. It goes well with meat dishes, roasts and young cheese.
tasting temperature:18-20c°

bottiglia refosco

Refosco p.r.

It is a ruby coloured wine with violet reflections. It is herbaceus, slightly tannic with hints reminiscent of dewberries and other wild fruit. It goes well with fatty meats and country disches of Friulian cuisine.

tasting temperature:18-20c°

bottiglia cisignoc


It is a ruby coloured wine, slightly tannic dry, and its bouquet reminiscent of vanilla. It goes refined six months in wood hogshead. This wine goes well with red meat dishes, roasts and medium ature cheese.

tasting temperature:18c°

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